Ayubia National Park also known as Ayubia. It is located in Abbottabad District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. The national park consists entirely of reserve forests. Which spill out of the park area on the west and south sides. Moreover the scenery is soo amazing with huge pine forests covering the hills and providing shelter to the larger and smaller mammals. The park supports one of the best remaining examples of moist Himalayan temperate forest in Pakistan.

Overview on Ayubia National Park :

The park is one of the best remaining examples of Himalayan temperate forests in Pakistan surrounded by seven villages and three towns namely Nathiagali, Thandiani and Khanspur. It has large number of coniferous pine tree. The forest spreads out on both the northern and western side giving an expansive feel.
It cover an area of about 3,312 hectares. It was declared a national park in 1984. The park has been developed as a resort complex from a combination of four mini resorts of Khaira Gali, Changla Gali, Khanspur and Ghora Dhaka in Galyat. Currently, it is hold by the Wildlife and Parks Department of Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The total population of Ayubia and surrounding villages as per a 1996 census is 18,097 people living in 2,311 households.

Weather :

The climate of the park is cool in the summers, but harsh in the winters. While it remains only placidly hot in May and June. The cold sets in when the monsoons come to lash in late July and early August. In the winters cold increases in severity gradually until the west winds bring rains, which eventually turn into snow. The park remains snow-capped through the later part of winters

Wildlife :

Mammals found in the park include:
Indian leopard,Leopard cat,Golden jackal,Red fox,Yellow-throated marten,Masked palm civet,Asian palm civet,Central European boar,Java pipistrelle. Furthermore Big-eared horseshoe bat,Serotine bat,Rhesus macaque,Indian porcupine,Kashmir field mouse,Ward’s field mouse,Turkestan rat,Murree vole,Kashmir flying squirrel,Red giant flying squirrel

Some of the Himalayan specialty birds of Ayubia include:
Kalij pheasant,Koklass pheasant, Wedge-tailed green pigeon,Speckled wood pigeon,Spotted dove,Great barbet. Moreover Himalayan cuckoo,Crested serpent-eagle,Besra,Golden eagle,Himalayan black-lored tit,White-cheeked tit,Kashmir nuthatch.

The park also holds 104 species of plants.

The main floral species are :

Cedrus deodara, blue pine, yew, silver fir, horse chestnut and oak. Around 21 plants belonging to 19 families are famous for their medicinal properties. Many of these are use in treatment of jaundice, stomach ulcers, snake bites, internal infections, diabetes, psoriasis and more. The World Wide Fund for Nature has launched an ethno-botanical initiative here. It purpose is to demonstrate the sustainable use of plant resources as a means for protecting biodiversity. There are 23 mammals, 203 birds and 13 herpto-fauna in the park.

Activities in Ayubia National Park :

There are also numerous picnic points at Ayubia National Park, well-suited for everyone. For adventurists there are ample opportunities for hiking and trekking. You can easily reach the highest mountain peak in the Galyat region – the Miranjani peak. Which is located in the Namli Maira area in Ayubia National Park. When you reach the peak, enjoy the breathtaking sight with a set of binoculars. Take a deep breath and inhale fresh oxygen the trees produce. Fill your ears with nature’s sounds – the chirping of birds and the gushing water stream. Nathiagali, Mukshpuri Peak and Azad Kashmir can be viewed from the top.

Access to Ayubia National Park From nearby Places :

The shortest road distance between Islamabad to Ayubia National Park via Murree, Ayubia Road is 90 Km. Its distance from Murree is 26 km and the distance from Rawalpindi to Ayubia is 86 km. Similarly Ayubia distance from Abbottabad is 53 km.
Roads of ayubia is well carpeted. Tall pine trees all over on the side of road. This view is so much beautiful.

Hotel Facilities Near Ayubia National Park :

If you are planning to take a trip to Ayubia National Park anytime soon. Then diffrent types of Hotels and Guest Houses are available to facilitate you.