Hiran Minar also Known as “The Deer Tower” is an early 16th-century Mughal era complex located in Sheikhupura, Punjab.

Moreover the complex was construct at the site of a game reserve in honour of Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s lovely antelope her name was Mansraj. The Emperor is famous for his fondness of nature, and his complex embodies the Mughal relationship between humans, pets, and hunting.

Overview on Hiran Minar :

The Hiran Minar was built in 1620 C.E. On the orders of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir as a symbolic landmark in the memory of his beloved pet an antelope after its death. Moreover the structure was erect in the suburbs of the city of Sheikhupura within the heart of a game reserve. Which was use by the Mughals to enjoy the sport of hunting and experience semi-wildness near Lahore. Which was an imperial metropolitan area of the time

Furthermore Hiran Minar is a massive, tampering and high brick built tower of four storeys excluding the top one which is missing. The lowest storey or basement is octagonal in plan with each side measuring 13’-3”. The rest three storeys are circular. There are small openings for light in each storey and in the third storey there is a small octagonal room where the visitors can take respite. Moreover the staircase is enter through a small door provided, at regular interval in the three upper storeys of the minar.

The exterior of the tower was once lime plastered sufficient patches of which still remain. The ruined platform on the north is apparently a latter addition. The main object of the builder appears to have been to gain height besides a memorial, it may also serve as excellent watch tower to locate the wild antelope and other game.
In addition the Mughals are famous for their affection, wonderfulness and nature. The Mughals were beguiled by arrangements, fortifications, mosques and mausoleums. Where they existed they raised a structure in any of the above form. Similarly Hiran minar is an alternate development from all of Mughal spots and a novel one inside its subject and concept.

Construction and Architechture of Hiran Minar :

Hiran Minar structure’s main characteristics are the complex tanks and its unique framework used for gathering the water. There are little square buildings and subsurface at every corner of the tank to supply the tank.
Furthermore the minaret is 110 meters tall and stands as a tomb marker of Mansiraj. Its sides are craved with a eulogy to pet deer “Mansiraj”.

There is a pool in the heart of Hiran Minar Complex. It is 229 x 273 meters large. There are brick ramps at the centre of each side of the pool. There slope downs toward the water providing access to the wild game sought by the hunters.

Moreover Pavilion was construct in the era of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It is at the centre of the pool. Its architecture is similar to the Sher Mandal located in Delhi Purana Qila, established by the emperor Humayun. A water tank and semi-wilderness surround it.

How to Get at Hiran Minar:

If you Get Lahore by Air Flight then after reaching Lahore you may easily reach at Hiran Minar by hiring a car or travelling through bus which may take less than hour to reach there.

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