Khamosh waterfall is located in Kharmang district Gilgit-Baltistan. In addition it is one of the numerous unexplored jewels of Baltistan. This is a natural waterfall . Also one of the most beautiful waterfall in Pakistan.
This waterfall is a picnic point for tourism. The area is rich in fauna and flora especially trout fish is available in the whole Valley.

Its Nature :

This natural waterfall is one of the highest altitudes falls in the region. It is also called Shirithing waterfall Kharmang. The water stream falling from the overhung rock having no plunge pool on the base. Water drops scattering all around the base when strikes on solid rocks make it more attractive and magical. The whole waterfall is occupied by the Rocky Mountains.

Its Nature in winter:

Similarly In the winter the waterfall turn into totally Frozen ice in the middle and sprays of water around. Furthermore spray freezes to the walls, framing the falls in gorgeous white. Frozen Falls definitely looks distinct under a cover of snow. Then Water freezes and builds up into an icefall that “grows” down the slope and seems like a giant rock.

Activities at Khamosh Waterfall:

Activities at here include :
Hiking to the overhung rock of this waterfall.
Trout fishing
A good meditation point that is beyond reach to distractions except some chirping of birds.

How to reach Khamosh Waterfall?

This astounding tourist destination is approximately 60 to 65 km away from Skardu city. Meanwhile Skardu city to Hamzigon takes almost 4 hours of traveling to reach the base of waterfall. Moreover the condition of the road is pretty good having few wooden hanging bridges in the way.
Mehdiabad and Manthoka water fall falls in between Skardu and Khamosh.

What are the coordinates of the Khamosh Waterfall?

Its coordinates are :

Latitude: 35.3
Longitude: 75.62