Manthal Buddha Rock is a large granite rock on which picture of Buddha has engraved which probably dates back to 8 century. Buddha Rock is one of the most important relics of Buddhism in Skardu.

Who discover Manthal Buddha Rock?

.In 1906 the Scottish traveller Ella Christie wrote a book on her journey to Western Tibet and featured the carving in her book which gave it international attention. Since then the government takes many steps to preserve this monument. Therefore tourist also come here, who visit the Skardu city.

Its Appearence :

The rock features a huge carving of Buddha in the center with 2 standing Metreyias (future Buddhas) and furthermore twenty small Buddhasattvas (disciples) surrounding them.
The historic Buddha Rock contains many images and ancient Tibetan (Balti) inscriptions as evident from the site. According to a late Balti elder, who was able to translate the written sentences. The inscription “Lonchay Skesa la sperbi ott” meant light igniting on the birth place of Lontchay, a local Raja.
On the eastern side of the rock, there exists a platform for offering religious prayers. Similarly the rear side was used for providing medical facilities by the Lamas/Amchees (physicians) etc.

Historical view of Manthal Buddha Rock :

Before arrival of Islam in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan, the majority of the people were Buddhist. They had engraved the Buddha on many rock pieces.

Location :

This rock is located in Manthal village of Skardu Town, in Pakistan.
It is about 3 kilometers from Sadpara Road. Sadpara road will lead to Satpara Lake.
While going to Satpara lake or Deosai plains from Skardu, This rock falls on the right side of the road just across a small stream known as Hargisa Nala originating from the Sadpara lake.

Hotels and other services at Manthal Buddha Rock Skardu :

People here provide good facilities like in case of Hotel rooms Rental Cars etc.