It is a unique small village in Baltistan in the north of Skardu city. Located at a distance of only 3 km away from Skardu city. This beautiful small village is famous for its pure climate and flora. Nansoq organic village has a unique identity throughout Baltistan for its purity. The lifestyle and farming here are still on old-fashions. The windmill is still in use here.


There are still having very bold traces of the organic way of life in the Baltistan region. Nansoq organic village is one the purest organic village located in the Skardu region.
A creepy track leading to a startling destination. The first organic village of Skardu is beyond comparison in its beauty and witnesses its unicity. The quietness of the hiking track, purity of the place, peace at the unseen destination of the organic village are a few things out of many.

The living style of habitants in ‘Nansoq Organic village Skardu’ is the same as the vintage traditional balti style. Their households are organic with very less possible use of machining and artificial products. To retain this village in vintage fashion is a symbolic representation to reflect the importance of the organic way of life.
The village starts with a homemade gate made of small stones. Keeping in view the need of tourists, a campsite is established at the end of the village. A large number of tourists from Pakistan as well as from abroad come to see this village. Among the tourists, some famous personalities like Prince Charles recently visited this village. This is the first settlement of this area that was purposefully developed as an organic village in order to promote this healthy lifestyle.

Historical View:

Historically this is a very old village. According to some history, people are settled here even before the Skardu city. There are some dilapidated houses in the village which points to the antiquity of the village. The original name of this village is “Nangthoq”. But due to the simple lifestyle and pure food, it is famous as an organic village. Local home industries for handicrafts are present in all homes. The village is reminiscent of centuries ago.

How to reach Nansoq Organic village Skardu:

Organic village Skardu has the settlement behind the Kharpocho fort on the bank of the Indus river. Due to the lack of road this village is within a walking distance of about 40 minutes. The path passes through mountains and on the bank of rivers. There is also a place on the way where you need to go through two small wooden bumps.

The overall path include 2 hours trekking to return. The first half of the trekking route is rough and tough, need to be careful particularly if along with kids. The second half of the route relatively effortless as well as having splendid views of nature.

Activities at Nansoq Organic village Skardu:

Picking fresh organic fruits and vegetables (obviously after taking permission from the locals
Visiting fish farm
Camping right next to the river
Most importantly Make sure that you do not harm this beautiful village if you plan to visit. We have to take the responsibility to protect our natural and cultural resources for the next generations.

Hotel Rooms and Rental Car Near Organic Village :

Skardu is soo closed to this Organic Village so most of the visitors stay in skardu . In Skardu locals provide Good services for visitors.