Sarfaranga Cold Desert located in sarfaranga village in Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan. It is the world’s highest desert with an altitude of 2226 meters. The Skardu desert is enclosed by a valley and covered with lush green vegetation at the confluence of the Indus and also the Shigar Rivers. In contrast to its Black sands, “Biama Nakpo” in the local language means “Black sand”.

Its overall view :

The cold desert sketched alongside River Indus, embodies enigma in its true spirit. Its topography comprises of vast white desert alongside River Indus bank, asphalted Shigar Road running amidst the sand dunes and ice-capped mountains in the backdrop.
The crystal clear water of the Indus River across the desert highlights the diversity of landscape within sight. The sand dunes covered with snow in the winter season and moving with strong winds seize the attention of visitors. It seems more like a moonscape than a landscape.

Its Climate :

Temperatures in Sarfaranga Cold Desert vary between 8°C to 24°C maximum in the summer season. Whereas it can drop to -20° in winter. It is recommended to have a pair of extra warm clothing even if you are traveling in summer.

What to do in Sarfaranga Cold Desert?

Exploring the Sarfaranga Cold desert is a unique sightseeing experience that only Skardu valley offers. Go Glamping in the cold desert; enjoy the reflection of multicolored trees in the Indus river, mesmerizing sunset over white sand dunes, and witness Milky Way sighting at night. Most visitors traveling in groups cherish listening to the folklores, circling around a bonfire, enjoying Trout, and Yak for dinner. People also like motor biking in the desert as this is the site to host eminent Jeep Rally events every year. People at there also provide paragliding and horse riding fesilities for tourists and tourist find amazing experience of paragliding at this high altitude desert.

Events and Festivals host by Sarfaranga Cold Desert :

The Sarfaranga Desert Jeep rally has become the second-largest motorsport event over the years, after Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally. The splendor of racing in the Sarfaranga desert lies in an assortment of terrains it has; from soft white sand to gravel and the water crossings. Thousands of motor enthusiasts from all over the world gather to participate or witness the most organized Sarfaranga desert Jeep rally in Gilgit Baltistan region.
Occasionally held cultural nights, Zakh Competition, and Mayphang festival breach the mystery of desert and make it an amazing place to visit.

Access from different places:

It is the ride of about 25 to 30 minutes from Skardu to Sarfaranga cold desert.
Similarly it is of about 25 minutes ride from Cold desert to Shigar valley.
It take 2 hours to reach Khaplu Fort from Sarfaranga cold desert.

Hotel Facilities Near Sarfaranga Cold Desert :

If you are planning to take a trip to there anytime soon. Then Different types of Hotels and Guest Houses near it are available to facilitate you.