Manthokha Waterfall is a waterfall located in Kharmang Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, the extreme northern region of Pakistan. This waterfall is approx 180 feet high from ground. One has to Go on a link road from Skardu-Kargil road to reach this waterfall. On the east side of this stream is Madhupur village of the Kharmang District.


It is located almost 80 kilometres (50 mi) away from downtown Skardu.

Its Amazing view:

The waterfall is a mystic place featuring lush green pastures, fresh gurgling streams, towering rocky mountains of Karakorum and indigenously designed restaurants and much more. Furthermore the main highlight of the restaurant is the local trout fish, apart from the waterfall another worthy feat is the fish farm where trout fishes are available for the sightseers.

The water is icy cold and you can stand beneath. When the water hits the rocks you can see a continuous rainbow which is very cool. There are lush green meadows you can sit there.

The water of both Manthokha waterfall and stream (Nala) fall nearby in the Indus river. Another important feature here is the delicious trout fish. A fish farm is also present there where trout fish are kept for the visitors. A wooden bridge is there to cross the stream. Many people feel scared to cross the bridge.
Similarly in the winters the waterfall completely freezes like a glacier. Such a frozen waterfall is rare to be seen all over the world.

Fesilities at Manthokha Waterfall:

Just beside the waterfall, there is an open space resort called MANTHOKA WATERFALL RESORT serving some freshly cooked TROUT fish and Fries.
There is also a small Tuck Shop in the same resort. Ending an evening with a warm cup of tea with waterfall in the background makes the day even special and more memorable (This one for the tea lovers).

Getting to Manthokha Waterfall:

Manthoka Waterfall is around 120 kms away from main Skardu Valley.
You have option either you hire Car, 4/4 vehicle, or you also have an option to use local transport. Road to Kharmang Valley is pretty good. One can expect an average speed of 80 kph although road is bumpy and pitted at places. One thing for sure, route to Kharmang is full of natural beauty. One is forced to stop at places just to observe the serenity and natural beauty.

Similarly reaching the waterfall after crossing a small hanging footbridge is a relaxing sight for the eyes. Falling from a height of around 100 ft, water burbles around and makes its way through the rocky patches. One can take photographs with waterfall in the background or even being right under it.

Hotel Facilities Near Manthokha Waterfall :

Different type of Hotels and Resturants available here. In addition peoples here are soo freindly and helpful.